Luca Attanacio, Witnesses: “The abductees spoke Rwandan language and possessed sophisticated weapons”. The robbery hypothesis was refuted

Of kidnappers Luca Attanacio e Vittorio Ikovacci They were “about fifteen people, who spoke the Rwandan language and had heavy weapons, more sophisticated than the Rangers”. He says exclusively in the newspaper Tomorrow, Baraka Tabu Jackson, A daily aide at Virunga Park and a witness to what happened on February 22, the day the Italian ambassador and carabiner Igovacchi was killed. Atanasio, he tells the newspaper, died at his hands. “I heard a series of gunfire and saw four armed men pushing me into the bushes,” he said. Two colors and two white“.

In addition to Jackson’s testimony, there is that too Julian KitsaMerchant near the ambushing Klumba market. He was the third person killed in the attack and the driver was taken to hospital Mustafa Milambo, In an attempt to save him (later failed). I heard a gunman say, “We kidnapped whites.” Dispel the notion that these killings were caused by the plunder of advanced and active pirates in the area.. After the trial, some local criminals were arrested and later released. However, the confusion remains: in fact, it is not clear why the armed men should have killed Atanasio and Ikovacci if their aim was to kidnap and base them.

Meanwhile, cooperation between Italian and Congolese investigators continues with difficulty. The same goes for the investigation into the World Food Program WFP –World Food Program. Security Officer Mansoor Ravakasa, Recorded in the register of suspects. As reported in Il Doamni, the latter violated United Nations security protocol and failed to provide adequate support to Iacovacci and Attanasio in a timely manner. In an interview with, the ambassador’s father, Salvador Atanasio, underlined his doubts about the organization’s behavior., Which consistently opposes the exclusion of its officers from the claims of lawyers. In fact, all the officials involved in this affair seem to have been in the intervening period Moved from coma.

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