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Market review 12.03.2019

Over the past week, the cryptocurrency market was in a quiet state, continuing the correction movement, and in some currencies, such as Efirium and Ripple, there was a slight decrease. Market capitalization remains at $ 133 billion, while daily volume fell to 31 billion.

цена криптовалюты

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is trading at 3858 and continues to move as part of the correction.

BTC / USD quotes are moving at the upper border of the side channel, coming close to the resistance line at 4000, which indicates an uptrend. As part of the Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for the near future, we expect a slight price pullback to the level of 3815, from where the price will attempt to continue to grow with a potential target of 4100. The first target points for the price of cryptocurrency gold are the level of 3890 3900.

рост биткоина

Thus, Bitcoin forecast and analytics BTC / USD for March 12, 2019 implies an attempt to fall cryptocurrency and a test support level near the area of ​​3815. Where can we expect Bitcoin to continue to grow with a potential target near the level of 4100. Cancellation of the rise option will be the fall and breakdown of the 3735 area This will indicate a continued decline with a potential target above 3495.

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