MavaChou, who committed suicide after months of online insults and threats following his secession

The 32-year-old Frenchman was showered with insults from former fans. Inquiry into his death for inciting suicide.

All sorts of insults and accusations, including comparing her to pedophiles, but all sorts of threats, including death, forced her to endure for months at a time. youtuber and influence MavaCou, Before Suicide At his home in France last December 22nd. The Ebenezer Attorney’s Office is now open on his death An investigation One who seeks to understand precisely this persistent harassment may be behind the pessimistic gesture. The criminal hypothesis is that “incitement to suicide by virtual harassment” was the same harassment that 32-year-old Maeva Frossard, known by her supporters as MavaChou, said publicly in an interview a few days ago. Her death.

The 32-year-old mother of 4 has confessed to abusing her. The threats and humiliation began after she broke up with her ex-husband And the father of the children, with whom she opened the YouTube channel, with whom she was initially known. Insults from the former fans of the couple, who started taking every page for one of the two, especially showered on her on Twitter. The hatred increased over the months, sometimes to the point of receiving it Up to a thousand messages a day. According to Le Parisien, things got worse when some people invaded her personal sphere and started spying on her at home or inviting children to school. MavaChou acknowledged that the situation had led him to resort to antidepressants after attempting suicide. “I came to want to stop living,” he explained during the interview, adding that he too had made several complaints but was unsuccessful.

“On social media, it was reported that Maëva was a misguided mother and that children had pornographic images on my computer. We were compared to pedophiles. Your ex-husband has never denied these rumorsThe 32-year-old accused the comrade of saying that the former’s words and his version of the secession would provoke a series of haters. “I began to fear when our city’s name was leaked on the internet. However, the uninvestigated ex-husband defended himself by claiming that he had called his followers to order that he himself be the victim of insults and threats on social networks. “We were both blown away by the social media storm We were both attacked online, after we announced the end of the marriage, the pre-suicide person explained in a video

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