McConnell du Munchin: We want to get you, Joe

“I think supporting the infrastructure bill is a very wise play,” he said. “That’s good for the country, and B, I think we’re politically smart.”

Democrats pass the Social Policy Bill or Mr. Mancini did not give up winning, i.e. Mr. McConnell and the Senate Republicans must continue their campaign against the law in the new year. New York Democrats and Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer, Mr. McConnell wants to pursue strong opposition to the right to vote. He threatens to change the Senate rules if Republicans try to flip it again.

Democrats, Mr. McConnell says he is complicit in allowing some states to impose new voting restrictions to target people of color, and he dismisses the allegation, saying the impact of the new laws is exaggerated. Senator Kirsten of the Arizona Democrats said he relied on cinema, which he recently reaffirmed his opposition to changing the Philippister rules.

“There is no doubt that Kirsten Cinema is not going to break the Senate and remove the legislature Philippester,” he said. “Thank you for that.”

Mr. Part of what Biden and the Senate Democrats have recorded in some of the victories is in the judicial confirmations, with 40 judges sitting in the first year of the presidency, more than any other recent president. Because he spent the Trump era pushing conservative judges through the Senate, it was Mr.

“Look, there are some advantages to the White House,” he said. “I’m not surprised, but there are still three Supreme Court judges and 54 circuit judges we did, and I think it’s good for the country in the long run.”

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This year’s the performance of his party and the struggles of the Democrats will prepare the Republicans for a strong midterm election next year. Mr Munch said he believed in his potential to run the Senate in any party. McConnell said. Efforts to promote the candidates he wants in major Senate races are aimed at avoiding primary contests that attack Republicans with the primary winners who lose in general elections and injure Republicans.

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