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Mining Express mining farm. What is it?

May 30, 2019 in the city of Kropyvnytskyi, which is located in the center of Ukraine, held a grand opening of a new, and according to the co-founders, one of the largest and most powerful mining farms. The main investor is a Japanese-born Kase Fuziyama, born and raised in Brazil.

In today’s article we will look at the history of its creation, structure and business model in detail, as well as analyze whether it is safe to invest in this enterprise.

History of Mining Express

Officially, the date of registration of the company should be considered March 23, 2018. Edelweiss investment Trading Company registered in Hong Kong became the owner and ultimate beneficiary. The founder of both companies is the same Carlos Fuziyama, a Brazilian citizen registered in the Philippines. Registered authorized capital amounted to 100 000 UAH.

Note that the first partners of the Japanese Brazilian in Ukraine were entrepreneurs from Ivano- Frankivsk Aleksey Kolesnikov and Nikolay Maksimiv. Entrepreneurs have already worked together in an international MLM business, which already casts a certain shadow of doubt on the enterprise itself.

MLM-business, or network multi-level marketing, multilevel marketing, MLM the concept of sales of goods and services based on the creation of a network of independent distributors (sales agents), each of which, in addition to marketing products, also has the right to attract partners with similar rights.

The official website of the company was registered on July 2, 2018. Through this site they began to attract additional investments through the purchase of a so-called “career plan” at a price of $ 100 to $ 20,000. Mining Express is located in the city of Kropyvnytskyi (formerly Kirovograd) in the building of the dining room of the abandoned Pishmash factory (manufactured typewriters in the USSR) with a total area of ​​nearly 4.5 thousand square meters. The building has been completely renovated both outside and inside.


The technical contractors of Mining Express for this project were the founders of the IT companies Dinaline group, Yuri Lazebnikov and Oleg Krot. They also provide data center software solutions for ventilation and rendering systems.

The symbolic opening of the mining farm took place in November 2018, when a loud party was organized in this very building, which was attended by a large number of guests from Japan.


This event was highlighted in the video of the Kherson realtor Jan Polyanchev, which was filmed on this evening. In this video, the Ukrainian representative Oleg Bryukhovetsky tells about the mining farm. The video mentions that $ 500 million has already been invested in the farm and 6,000 cars have been installed on the first floor and 2,000 cars on the second.

It was noted that the site for the placement of computing power was chosen for several reasons:

  • The first and most important is the great potential of the power facilities. At the moment there are not many countries where there is an opportunity to provide the farm with huge capacities at a relatively low price;
  • The second point is the presence of good IT-specialists.

It is known that the original goal was to create not only a mining farm, but a full-fledged platform with the ability to use computing power in other areas (for example, during periods of instability in the cryptocurrency market).

We initially understood that a huge amount of heat is generated. That it can be sold, build farms, roses and so on. A large amount of heat from mining plus the low cost of electricity allows you to at least grow dates in Ukraine, says Oleg Bryukhovetsky in the video.

Mining Express perspectives

At the moment, it is still too difficult to assess the full potential of the company and the investments made in it. Despite this, we note the efficiency and flexibility of this site. In the period of general decline in the cryptocurrency mining Ethereum has ceased to be a profitable occupation. Then the founders of Dinaline convinced Fuziyama to temporarily reorient the business to cloud video rendering services.

It is known that the company entered into the first video rendering contracts in October 2018. It is not known for certain what part of the computing power is currently occupied by mining, and which other services for clients. It is obvious that the main value of the enterprise is created precisely by its technical base, in which millions of dollars were invested. The question now is how effective this potential will be used, because the lifespan of active operation of graphics cards is on average 4 years with constant, but not maximum load.

If we talk about rendering, then the profitability of this business is estimated at 30%. This is a good indicator, but under slightly different conditions. If we take as a basis the service life of video cards in 4 years, this project during this time will only be able to recapture the cost of equipment and, for example, premises. After this time, the business will need, at least partially, to update the technical base.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the situation with electricity. In the current economic and political conditions it is impossible to be absolutely sure of constant and uninterrupted power at the same prices.

Now, in its priority plans, Mining Express calls the expansion of computing power, the release of new digital currency Ethereum Express and potential direct contracts with nuclear power plants after the emergence of the free electricity market in Ukraine. This means that investors intend to continue to invest in the company. This, of course, is an important indicator, but far from defining.

At the moment, it seems that a lot of money was invested in the company without having a clear plan of action. And the official site Mining Express does not clarify this situation.

When you go to the site, the client is offered only two options view a colorful, but not informative presentation or go to the “Start Business” tab, which seems a bit strange considering the structure of the site.

There is also a big question about the approach to investing in a company. To do this, Mining Express uses the so-called “Business Package”, by purchasing which you become a member of the company. The cost and power of mining available to the investor varies from the cost of the acquired “package”.

It is noteworthy that in its presentation the company does not focus on the potential profit from the invested funds. Instead, it promotes bonus systems for attracting new customers, where interest rates depend on the package you choose. At the same time, the company indicates your potential path as a business participant. And personally, all these stages and even their names evoke very unpleasant associations.

All these factors in aggregate give the impression of another pyramid, and it is poorly organized and not popular. No one questions the existence of the company and the presence of a huge technical base. But what it is worth and to take a closer look, so to the conditions of investing in the company and the safety of their funds.

In our personal opinion, if this company is capable of generating income, it is only for a narrow circle of owners. And the fact that major investors have rich experience in the MLM business explains the company’s approach to attracting customers.

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