More controversy over Boris Johnson, another party coming down Downing Street during the lockout

Johnson insisted the rules were “not technically violated” but acknowledged the nation’s anger.

E The May holidays are only the latest in a series of irregularities For Govt-19 controls The Johnson administration is to blame. In recent days, another controversy has erupted over the Christmas party. Complicating the Prime Minister’s position is the fact that on May 20, 2020, the same day as the gathering in the garden, the government held a press conference to remind citizens that they could not meet more than one person outside their family.

Undersecretary Michael Ellis Ellis stressed that even the event at the center of the latest controversy would end under an independent inquiry into the parties organized in corporate bodies during the period when the lockout was in effect. At the same time Scotland Yard is investigating. Ellis tried hard to protect the Prime Minister’s integrity and goodwill from a courtroom, where opposition MPs were clearly in the majority and stood up. Requests for resignation By individual layers.

Meanwhile, in two opinion polls conducted over the past few hours, a majority of voters believe Johnson should resign, as well as Scottish President Nicola Sturgeon. Several allegations of misconduct and convenience were made to the Prime Minister, But above all attacks on people who paid too much for those restrictions: deputies and the media recalled the British cases, including one of them, Kannir Malka (Jim Shannon, a unionist dub). Lockdown could not be tolerated by their loved ones because they died in hospital of the corona virus.

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On May 20, 2020, given the centerpiece of the scandal, the harsh “stay at home” sign, which allowed people to go out only for food, medicine and daily exercise, was recently relaxed, but It was only allowed to meet another person outside of one’s family, In an open public place and up to a distance of two meters.

Johnson is trying to counter this political and media storm Even if a series of leaks of news about “forbidden” events bring a branch within the party, the cum will always be ready to travel against it. He will be replaced by Martin Reynolds (currently), head of the Prime Minister’s Personal Secretariat, the author of an alleged e-mail inviting hundreds of officers and collaborators to an event on May 20 at the Downing Street garden, ending with a signal to bring wine. .

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