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Nearly $ 40 thousand was stolen on behalf of Ilon Mask


In the process of a hacker attack, a group of unknown people hacked the page of the British film company Pathé. After gaining control of the account, the scammers changed the data in order to pass it off as Ilon Mask’s official page. In this case, the film company account was verified as official.

After hacking, scammers tweet on behalf of Mask about an incredible promotion. When sending funds to the specified Bitcoin address, the criminals promised to send back a double amount. Less than a day ago, Pathé still managed to regain control of his account:

The Pathé UK Twitter account was hacked this morning by an unknown third party. A series of unauthorised tweets were sent for which we apologise. The issue has now been resolved and we have taken back control of our account – the studio said in an official statement.

Despite the operational intervention of technical support, tweet scammers managed to dial 850 retweets and 3700 likes. In addition, over a day, over 38 thousand dollars (about 6 BTC) were transferred to the specified bitcoin wallet. This is not the first time that attackers use the name Ilon Mask for their own purposes. That is why in September Musk announced a joint project with Jackson Palmer, the developer of Dogecoin. As part of this collaboration, they want to create a solution against crypto-scammers on Twitter.

In addition, not so long ago, Ilon had already become a victim of heightened attention on Twitter after the administration blocked his account because of a joking tweet calling for one user to buy bitcoins.

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