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NEM opens blockchain-hub in Melbourne

A blockchain hub has opened in the capital of Australia, Melbourne, where representatives of the NEM platform will advise community members on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

The hub will organize educational programs and events on the subject of block chains, and it will also become a business incubator and support center for the launch of NEM-based blockchain startups. With the support of the Australian and New Zealand authorities, as well as large commercial companies such as TravelbyBit, NEM has excellent prospects in the Pacific region.

The NEM project itself was launched in 2015 and initially positioned itself as a platform that brings new features to the blockchain system. The currency of the platform is among the top ten cryptocurrencies by volume in the market. Now NEM is seeking to help develop blockchain technology through grants and other contributions.

The founder of NEM in Australia and New Zealand, Jian Chang himself said

the launch of the NEM Blockchain Hub in Melbourne is a clear indication of NEM’s commitment to supporting innovation in both Australia and the world. Today, NEM is present in more than 40 countries, which may be due to the presence of similar centers in other countries. Blockchain is a fast-growing and evolving technology, and LaunchVic is pleased to welcome the NEM Foundation to the innovation center.

This will be a diversified joint venture that celebrates collaboration and innovation for more than 360 leading Australian start-ups, accelerators and incubators, said Kate Kornik, CEO of LaunchVic, in a recent interview.

The new NEM Blockchain Hub will be part of Stone & Chalk, one of the Australian innovation centers that expanded from Sydney to Melbourne last year. At the same company, they announced that they are working to ensure that as many Australian companies and startups as possible can benefit from working on the basis of NEM in the future.

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