NHL fan saves coach’s life

Starring Nadia Bobovici, a medical student and a Craig fan in Seattle. He notices a suspicious stain on the neck of Brian Hamilton of Vancouver Canucks and warns him with a message.

A story with a happy ending, with a message on a life-saving mobile phone, by the assistant Vancouver Canucks, Team NHL Last October 23rd Nadia Bobovici, The medical student was on the stand to watch the challenge between the Canadian team and ‘his’. Seattle Cragan When she noticed a suspicious mole on her neck Brian Hamilton. At the time, the 22-year-old tried hard to communicate with Hamilton, who first smashed his fists into the parting glass and then showed him the warning message: “That mole could be a lump”.

Hamilton Fortunately he listened to Nadia’s advice and performed tests: it was a malignant melanoma, a type of skin tumor. At that point, he began searching for the little girl with an appeal on social media as to who had saved her life. “To the woman I’m looking for, I say you have changed my life. I want to thank you. Your feelings were right, the mole on my neck was a malignant melanoma.” The student’s mother read the message. After being monitored, Hamilton personally thanked her. Both teams awarded Nadia $ 10,000.

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