No Way Home’s Notes Epidemic Preview Record $ 50M – Deadline

Who says people like to stay home and stream movies? Proving that the theater is still king, Sony/Disney/WonderfulS Spider-Man: No Way Home Sounded great $ 50M, Thursday’s preview night is the third-highest preview night Sony has ever seen, and for Disney / Marvels, it’s easy to bury the previous hike we’ve seen during epidemics. Black widow At $ 13.2M. It also blows up Sony’s previous Thursday preview hike, which is the first for the Tom Holland MCU. Spider man In 2017, Spider-Man: Homecoming This is $ 15.4M.

All-time Thursday preview recordings, and provided Spider-Man: No Way Home Started at 3pm, the film is behind 2019 Avengers: Endcom ($ 60M, 6pm opening show times) and 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 57M).

Sources tell me that there will be a $ 100M opening day for the John Watts-directed Multiverses title, and even if it is low, there is nothing to cry about, because Spider-Man: No way The biggest movie we’ve seen in a long time. Avengers: EndcomThursday gained 38% on its first $ 157.46M opening day, Force Awakens’ The preview night was up 48% at its $ 119.1M on Friday The last JediThursday’s $ 45M is 43% of its $ 104.7M silver.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Review: The Most Exciting, Surprising and Emotional Spydie of All

According to Market & Telegens, the overall box office analytics firm, 3.7 million people watched Spider-Man: No Way Home 95% after 3PM last night. There were an average of 16 show times for the film last night. Moviegoers paid an average of $ 13.56 per ticket.

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Outside the gate, Spider-Man: No Way Home The comscore / screen engine gets 5 stars and a huge 95% positive rating and an amazing 89% definite recommendation from the general audience on the post track. Spider-Man: No Way HomeThursday night meeting (we say it) 65% men, 35% women. Men under the age of 25 scored 38% (98% with the best grade), men under the age of 25 27% (95% grade), women under the age of 25 21% (94% grade) and women over the age of 14% (88% grade). . Spidey 33% Caucasian, 33% Hispanic and Latin, 17% Black and 13% Asian. 18-34 Moviegoing Demo Last night was 75% great on ticket sales. 6% over 45 years. The parents loved it No way home 5 stars and 100% of all demos, kids under 12 were a little curious, which gave them 4 1/2 stars, but 96% of the total.

Before Sony made their preview number official this morning, the number 1 and 3 rounds AMC And Cinemark Announced bookings in conjunction with online ticket seller Fondango. Imax had a lot to brag about $ 10.1M WW revenue No way home, $ 5.14M is coming in domestically, making it the third largest Thursday night of large format exhibitors.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer: Worlds Crash, Villains Return

AMC saw its biggest opening night for December and the second highest night since Avengers: Endcom With Spider-Man: No Way Home, 1.1 million tickets were sold in the US yesterday. This is the number of people who saw a single movie in AMC’s US theaters in the calendar years 2020 and 2021.

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Needless to say, we are thrilled to see the record number of people returning to the theater to shoot the magic of AMC movie theaters, “said Adam Aron, AMC’s CEO and CEO.” Spider-Man: No Way Home In our American theaters. Our congratulations to Sony Pictures for this amazingly successful new movie.

Aaron added, “Spider-Man makes it clear that a large number of consumers want an experience that only AMC theaters can provide, and our wonderful theater crews are ready for the moment.”

The share price of the circuit has dropped from $ 30- $ 40 in November to $ 28.87 now; But during this report Spidey saw the AMC pickup this morning, thanks to +4.48.

Meanwhile, Cinemark saw their all-time opening night; At the same time they set the first night record for their PLF XD auditoriums.

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“Movie fans flocked to our theaters last night to enjoy Spider-Man: No Way Home In a sophisticated cinematic environment, many cinemarks create all-time records, ”said Justin McDonnell, Cinemark SVP of Global Content. “The number of people who came to see this film on the big screen, for the first time since the epidemic, underscores the irreplaceable value of the theatrical experience, and we are pleased to continue to provide this with our studio. Partners. Congratulations to the entire Sony team for the remarkable launch event for their latest blockbuster.

Says Fondango Spider-Man: No Way Home He is the best ticket seller of the year, surpassing all the tickets they sold for full theater runs in 2020 or 2021, including their previous ticket champ. Legend of Shang-ci and the Ten Rings. Yesterday, Fandango saw its best-performing Thursday preview day Avengers: Endcom (Thursday, April 25, 2019) with No Way Home; And beyond Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Thursday, December 19, 2019).

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The black and white release of ‘Nightmare Alley’ will trigger the disease

Bradley Cooper on ‘Nightmare Alley’
Kerry Hayes / 20th Century Studio

Churchlight had previews of Guillermo del Toro Nightmare Lane, Released in 2,120 theaters. PostTrak viewers gave the film an 80% positive and 57% definite recommendation. 18-34 Demo 56% of all ticket buyers are 24% over 45 years of age. 44% of men over 25 and 30% of women over 25 are leading demos. Those 13-17 (5%) and 45-54 (9%) gave Del Toro the latest perfect score. We are waiting for Searchlight’s numbers.

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