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Nvidia still earns a huge profit thanks to the miners

While the extraction of bitcoin and a number of other crypto currencies slows down, bringing in less and less profit, the technical giant Nvidia Corp. will continue to receive a whopping revenue in the third quarter of 2018. Nvidia reported that it generated $289 million from processor sales to the crypto market. The company continues to hold on well in its core market graphics processors simply fly off the shelves.

Also, the company is well on the chip market for the data center, which is popular this year. Despite the fact that the market drop hits the miners, sales of Nvidia graphics cards are still high. In addition, the prices of graphics processors are still very high due to the previous demand. It is difficult to determine exactly how many video cards are sold for games, and яhow many miners bought.

But according to recent studies, the cost of mining one bitcoin is actually higher than its market value in most countries of the world and only in some regions it still brings the minimum profit. However, according to the results of FactSet, Nvidia's revenues will continue to grow in the future, even despite the “disadvantage“ of home mining.

Analyst Evercore CJ Mews believes that rumors about the fall in revenue Nvidia because of the recession in the crypto currency market are exaggerated. According to him,

the company is strong enough to easily overcome all the complexities associated with digital assets. Even if the GPU sales to the miners decline due to a drop in the profitability of mining of the Crypto-currency, these losses are compensated by the demand of gamers and institutions with server equipment.

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