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OKCoin Exchange enters the European market

OKCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange registered in China, announced its entry into the European market. At the moment, spot trading is already available on the platform for pairs with euros. Traders can already conduct operations with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in pairs with European currencies.

OKCoin on twitter

It is noteworthy that until September 4, for new customers from the European Union, the company canceled commissions for the deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Europe is necessary for the development of a cryptocurrency market. It is home to many progressive ideas, innovations and the destruction of the status quo of the global financial system while maintaining a balanced approach to regulation. We are very pleased to start trading digital assets in the European market, giving users the ability to easily and safely trade digital assets for the euro, said Jovan Gavrilovich, head of the European direction at OKCoin.

In addition, the company announced the opening of a new office in Malta. Favorable regulatory environment in this country will help the exchange to quickly and safely produce new tokens and expand the trading capabilities of the platform for EU residents.

Recall that in 2018, the exchange launched its units in Korea, USA and Argentina and, as we can see, is not going to stop there.

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