Omicron 2, a new variant is advancing across Africa. “It will become a dominant stock”

Sub variant OmigronKnown as Pa.2 Or Omigron2Inevitably advancing on the African continent. This strain was discovered in SenegalAfrica West Africa, Kenya in East Africa and Malawi in South Africa, Botswana and South Africa, WHO virologist Nixie Comet-Moletzi said Thursday. Studies show that Pa.2 makes scientists anxious More contagious The invention of the original Omigron strain Ba.1 was announced in November by South Africa and Botswana.

Omigron 2 because it operates in Africa

Research also shows that getting a mild infection in either of these two categories does not provide a strong enough immune system to protect against another omigran infection. Preliminary data on Ba.2 infections in Denmark and the UK indicate that the strain does not cause very serious disease.

Omicron, peaked: «But only for those who have been vaccinated. The virus is spreading. “

Ba.2 is spreading rapidly in South Africa and has been detected in seven of the country’s nine provinces.

Omigron 2 is more contagious: the more likely a relative is to become infected (even if vaccinated)

Globally, however, Pa.1 is still present in 98% of Omigron cases. However, scientists see a strain that will dominate the subunit over the coming months: “We can conclude that Omicron Ba.2 is significantly more contagious than Ba.1 and has anti-immune properties that reduce protection. Statins Serum Institute (Ssi), University of Copenhagen, Statistics Denmark And researchers from the Danish University of Technology.

Sub variant Ba.2 is also recorded in the United States, Great Britain, Sweden and Norway, but to a much lower extent than in Denmark.

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