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On Amazon, you can buy goods for bitcoins


Moon cryptocurrency payment processing company announced a payment system with which any Lightning Network-enabled eWallet can be used through the moon extension in the browser. This means that soon on Amazon and other e-commerce sites it will be possible to pay with Bitcoins. The interface of the payment system should appear by April 24.

Earlier, Moon launched a beta version of such crypto payments, as a result of which about 250 users were able to pay for purchases of cryptocurrency on e-commerce sites. In the process of payment, financial institutions convert bitcoins into fiat money on the domestic market, so sellers on Amazon may not even suspect that they have paid for their goods in cryptocurrency.

We do not have direct integration with vendors. We connect to the networks of Visa and Mastercard and get a reduction in the commission that merchants pay each time they receive a credit card transaction,Ken Kruger, CEO of Moon

According to experts, Moon can become one of the leading companies in the cryptocurrency market. It was founded last year in New York, having managed to attract an investment of $ 100 thousand from the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator. Accelerator Managing Director Murat Aktikhanoglu said that he sees great potential in the Moon.

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