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Online wallets for cryptocurrency: strong and weak points

Online wallets are referred to as the «hot» ones, that is fast services for working with cryptocurrency. They are equipped with cryptographic protection, and the user can customize it at his own discretion. You can store different kinds of cryptocoins and world monetary units in some online wallets. Such storages are called multicurrency storages. They are ideal for saving small amounts. Also, they are convenient for those who just started to use cryptocurrency.

When choosing your online wallet, you need to study the resource’s feedback in details. Evaluate the service functionality and also its security parameters. Calculate the amount of money you are going to store beforehand. For security reasons, it is better to transfer the savings between the online and main wallets.

Nuances of use

The world of cryptocurrency experienced some massive hacker attacks and large thefts. There have been cases where large sums were lost due to the trivial problems with private keys. In order to provide uninterrupted access to funds, the storages constantly expand the rules of using wallets and account protection settings. SMS-confirmation, multisignature, two-factor authentication, insurance and «cold» savings is hardly a complete list of ways that are designed to make operations as fast as possible.


To register an online wallet there’s no need to install additional software on you PC. The storage does not use your machine resources, and it does not load RAM. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, pay for the goods and services in real time. Transaction reports and the list of address books are sent by e-mail or in the form of SMS to a specified number.

Rating leader 2018

Cryptopay service has gained a leading position in the field of online cryptocurrency storage. Developers strive to make its use simple and effective. Operations with Bitcoins. US dollars, euros and pounds are available. The clients for Android and iOS devices have been developed.

Cryptopay advantages:

  • instant account opening;
  • low commission fee — only 1% of the total transaction amount;
  • Flex accounts to withdraw and convert your funds;
  • Cryptopay VISA debit card (virtual and plastic);
  • bonus and discount programs;
  • user-friendly, intuitive interface;
  • referral system.

Cryptopay users can store bitcoins in various world currencies, thus protecting them rate fluctuations. The support service responds to requests promptly.

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