Peru declares three-month environmental emergency: 6,000 barrels of oil at sea following volcanic eruption in Tonga

Environmental emergency Peru, For three months. Established by the government. Due to the pollution caused by the sea turbulence last January 15th 6 thousand barrels of crude oil During refueling operations at the Spanish company Repsol refinery on the coast Lima. The relative order was published today in the official newspaper A Peruvian, Damage caused “The The worst environmental disaster It happened in Lima in recent times. The mandate also contains provisions for the use of an immediate action plan to minimize damage to the environment of the geographical area concerned.

The decision was taken in response to a report submitted to the government by the Directorate for Environmental Quality, which has had a significant impact on the spread of oil in the sea.Coastal marine environment The high biological diversity and hydrobiological resources “, as well as the” high risk to the public health of the people living in the area “in particular, caused the accident while the task of unloading the Italian-flagged flying tanker was underway.Great ToricThrough the underwater infrastructure of the treatment plant Pampila, Probably due to a joint rupture of pipes lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. For its part, Repsol argued that the cause of the incident may have been the sea result of the volcanic eruption that occurred there. Tonga. Despite the distance of ten thousand kilometers, the damage caused by the tsunami following the eruption of the underwater volcano Hanga Tonga-Hunga Habai has actually reached this stage. It could have been the vibrational force of the waves that reached a height of 15 meters in the ocean – which caused the crude barrels to fall into the water.

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The planned control measures for this type of incident came with a very serious delay for reasons now under investigation. But in the meantime a thick one Black layer Settled in one Twenty beaches, According to the Environmental Assessment and Control Organization (Oefa), the National Service for State Protected Areas (Sernanp) reported severe pollution of fish, birds, other animals and marine flora.

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