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An environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining farm is been building in the United States

California is developing a solar-powered farm project. This project belongs to the company Plouton Mining (a subsidiary of Plouton Group Holding). It is reported that it will be the largest Bitcoin mining farm in North America, which will be powered by solar energy.

It will be located in the western part of the Mojave Desert, California, where is the largest volume of sunlight in the region. Plouton Mining plans to deploy solar panels on 49 arches, which will produce about 1013 megawatts working about 12 hours per day, according to preliminary estimates. The company stressed that Western Mojave receives sunlight for 70% of the year.


The company said it would be ready even for adverse weather conditions and it was already about to sign contracts with local energy companies to ensure stable operation of the farm.

Such a farm will greatly improve the reputation of cryptocurrency, since for a long time the mining of cryptocurrency has been criticized because of the damage it causes to the environment. It should be noted that according to recent studies, more than 70% of mining uses renewable energy and this figure grows rapidly.

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