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From Massimo Khaki

The Albany District Attorney announced three days before the trial for the former governor of New York State

Charged Inappropriate sexual acts and abuse (Tapping women who depend on his office) In August, Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign As Governor of the State of New York, but He will not go to jail for controversial crimes. The Westchester District Attorney’s Office has dropped the charge against an anonymous woman who was already with him: he stumbled into the back of an elevator. Soon after, the Manhattan Attorney’s Office dismissed the state welfare case This included the deaths of many elderly people during the first wave of the epidemic Cumo’s enemies are responsible for the wrong orders Presented by him in the winter of 2020.

There was a very insidious case, which suddenly erupted after the New York State Attorney, Letidia James, like the governor, is a DemocratHe also accused him of abusing 11 women: Brittany Commisso, the female of his staff, had filed a criminal complaint a year ago (in 2020). Cumo rubbed her chest At the Governor’s House in Albany (the state capital).

David Soros, the Albany County District Attorney, has been investigating for several months, he said yesterday There is not enough evidence to charge the former governor (He faces up to a year in prison). Soros explained that the commisso was credible, but that these types of cases are difficult to prove and often end in the acquittal of the accused. The trial must, in fact, prove only the truthBut the perpetrator wanted to satisfy sexual desire or humiliate the victim.

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Lawyers for the perpetrators, instead of protecting women from the weaker party, They turned a blind eye to a politician who still had influential friends. But it must also be said that the case erupted under dubious circumstances: in many photos Brittany appears in a loving attitude with Cuomo. His indictment came after James’ document (165 pages) accusing Cuomo. And after the governor’s resignation, the lawyer ran for his successor (Except for retiring a few days ago). The County Sheriff collected Commisso’s complaint, declaring that the elements behind Guomo’s accusation were “too strong,” except for Soros, a competent judicial officer.

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