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Send Litecoin by SMS? Why not

Crypto-cash transactions can soon be carried out without access to the Internet. Startup Zulu Republic launched a new application Lite.IM

Users will be able to translate Litecoin using the Telegram messenger or by SMS even without an Internet connection. This will be possible thanks to the new software Lite.IM from the company Zulu Republic. Developers have already launched a beta version of the application and will conduct tests in the near future.


According to the developers, many people can not get financial services due to lack of access to the network. The messenger of Pavel Durov is the most convenient and safe for the concept of SMS payments. In addition, according to statistics only 33% of the population have smartphones. Already this one factor is capable of providing the new application with popularity.

The startup has already launched a telegram. With it, you can check the balance or send Litecoin to LTCaddresses or e-mail.

Lite.IM quite quickly attracted attention. Creator Litecoin Charlie Lee recently wrote about him in his Twitter account. He noted that the period of the fall of the market is the best time for the promotion of developments and the wider dissemination of blockchain.

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