Simon Morrow rescued in Kathmandu, avalanche destroys base camp in Manaslu

Kathmandu. He said it two days ago and his excellent experience proved him right.

For a few weeks now, Pergamon has been a mountaineer Simon Morrow He is about to climb Manaslu, an 8,000-meter-high Himalayan mountain range, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Three days ago, due to bad weather and three meters of snow in the last few days, Moro Basque decided to return to the city with the climbers. Alex Dixigon And to all the Sherpas who undertake this adventure with him.

He did well because on Sunday the base camp, located at an altitude of 4800 meters, was caught in an avalanche.

Morrow sparked his wish on his Facebook page: “Avalanche risk 5. Although base camp is safe, it’s up to a certain point. We went to Samakan, which was a shared result.

Simon and Alex took a helicopter and drove them into town: “This is a code of conduct that some people do not accept, but none of us want to be heroes, we risk our lives because the better you are, the better off you are. . I think differently and I’m glad Alex has the same mindset. “

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In a new post on Monday, the climber announced that his sanity had saved his life: “An avalanche sank and devastated the base camp to some extent.

He then shared the message he sent to the photographer Oswald Rodrigo Pereira, The one in Samagan: “I always follow my nose and my experience, this time moving away from the mountain saved our lives. Going to Samagon or Kathmandu is not an escape for scary kids (some may or may not trust), but it is a very smart strategic solution. Winter climbing requires not only confidence and motivation, but above all a lot of experience, a lot of time (3 months), a lot of patience, a lot of logistics and budget, and a lot of humility. I hope what happened shows us that it is good to follow the nose and advice of those who are still alive after 70 trips … If I say take 1 week / 10 days vacation, it means do it. Save our lives, not because I need a soft and warm bed. Our ego often kills us because we feel competitive or are noticed from the outside. Those who want to fight in the deep snow, those who want to accelerate, run or show how blind they can be in danger will usually die, Alex and I do not want to die in our minds. So tell everyone not to run up the hill as other avalanches will come down in the first 3/4 days of the sun.

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General January 2022

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