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Sony announced a new control system on the blockchain

The Japanese giant Sony has developed a new blockchain-based digital rights management system that is able to track and analyze the progress of new products.

According to a press release released on Monday, the new system will allow you to manage information related to intellectual property rights. The company noted that at present, rights to content are largely managed manually by various organizations or by the developers themselves. The new system is designed to improve the efficiency of this process.

Using the platform, participants will be able to publish and verify information, such as the date and time of creation, as well as the author’s data. Also, the new system automatically checks the rights to create written works.

The company says that digital content, such as e-books, music, video, virtual reality content, and more, is supported by a new system based on a similar system developed earlier. Now Sony is considering the possibility of commercializing the system as a service.

Last month, a study of iPR Daily, specializing in intellectual property, showed that Sony is in the top 30 patent companies, filing at least 20 applications.

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