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The strangest cryptocurrencies of the world

It is very easy to create your own cryptocurrency. Thereby, Internet money came forth in the world, which can cause both laughter and total bewilderment. We present TOP-4 such cryptocurrencies:


This is the official currency of Venezuela. According to the government, it is borne out by the country′s oil and diamond reserves. The cost of Petro depends on the current price per barrel of oil.

Experts believe that the launch of a proprietary cryptocurrency, which is already off the ration, should bring about $6 billion to the country′s budget. At the same time, it will not be possible to exchange it for oil or diamonds.

Whether to believe the words of Nicholas Maduro that the first day of sales of Petro brought in the treasury 735 million dollars, it′s up to you.


A cryptocurrency with a story-telling name. A digital token based on the Ethereum blockchain system. Perhaps today it is not very popular with ordinary citizens who resort to the services of dentists.

However, it is with the help of DCN you can buy expensive dental materials and equipment with good discounts. The future of this currency is very illusory. But thanks to the founding fathers and the stable profitability of this business, DentaCoin can become a very interesting acquisition.


Wherever there is a lot of money, there is always a desire to earn even more. And the porn industry is a very non-poor kind of business. SexCoin was designed to pay for the products of online sex shops.

SpankChain turned out to be its own Darknet, which created its own blockchain system with a well-developed structure. All of these things guarantee complete anonymity to those who use various sex services.


From the name it immediately becomes clear who owns the cryptocurrency.
Perhaps the company Kodak thus plans to again climb up the Olympus of photo production digital market? Who knows, but the company has already organized its own mining farms.

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