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Stuttgart Stock Exchange creates a platform for ICO

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange announced the creation of a platform for the implementation of the initial offer of coins. In addition, Germany’s second-largest stock exchange wants to build a digital shopping center for crypto-currencies.

The Boerse Stuttgart Stock Exchange wants to build a platform through which companies can issue their tokens as part of an initial coin placement (ICO). According to the press release, it is recommended that issuing companies and investors take advantage of transparent and standardized processes. At the same time, an adjustable crypto-trading center will be created, on the basis of which tokens issued within the ICO will be sold.

It is also worth noting that the Stuttgart Stock Exchange announced its own crypto currency “Bison“ application in April 2018. In the fall of 2018, the application will go to the start. Bison is aimed at private investors and should provide the easiest way to start trading digital assets.

bison app

According to the exchange, the Bison application is “the world’s first crypto-currency application, behind which is the traditional exchange.“ According to the application, the application will be available free of charge from the autumn.

A study conducted by the consultancy group ICO Statis Group, published in July 2018, concluded that more than 80 percent of all ICOs conducted last year were classified as fraudulent. In addition, the US Securities and Exchange Commission repeatedly warns against an unregulated ICO.

The ICO platform of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange can lead to increased investor confidence, so the stock exchange intends to work closely with regulators when creating the platform.

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