Supreme Court rejects vaccinations or weekly tests for employees of large companies that Biden wants in the United States

The U.S. Supreme Court Management prevented the application of the desired rule பிடன் It caters to the employees of large companiesVaccination duty Govt-19 or against implementation Weekly tests (Something like Italian green bass) and an application Mask In the workplace. Green light instead of the same duty for employees Health facilities Recipients of federal contributions. The result, will be worrying 84 million workers Rejected by the court a Conservative majority 6 to 3.

Those working in a company with more than 100 employees are forced to be vaccinated. A federal appellate court was then re-established in mid-December Another court fired him a month ago. Individual administrations such as New York, where vaccination has been mandatory since the end of December, have moved freely. All I Workers It has already been in the public sector in the private sector since November 1st.

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