Taliban welcomes pregnant reporter rejected by New Zealand – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Rome, January 30 – A pregnant New Zealand journalist is welcomed by the Taliban in Kabul as her country does not authorize her to return from Qatar due to anti-Govt rules.

Charlotte Bellis, the reporter who told the New Zealand Herald his “brutal paradox” story, worked with his fellow Belgian photographer Jim Heilbrook for Al Jazeera in Afghanistan in August. She returned to Doha headquarters in September after realizing she was pregnant. The journalist decided to return to New Zealand as waiting for a child without getting married was illegal in Qatar, but strict anti-Govt rules imposed on his country prevented him from entering. At that time she and her partner emigrated to Belgium, but they could not stay because they did not have a residence permit. The only country the couple had a visa to was Afghanistan, so Charlotte decided to return to her contacts with senior Taliban officials. “We’re happy for you, you can stay here, you have no problem”, they told her, they say they are married, but if they know it’s not, “call them”. “Everything will be alright,” they reassured her.

Bellis, who is expected to give birth to a baby girl in May, has yet to return to New Zealand, but his storytelling has accelerated the entry process, he said. New Zealand’s Govt has asked emergency minister Chris Hipkins to reconsider his case. (Handle).

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