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The best universities in the world are introducing crypto courses

According to a new report by Coinbase, a popular currency exchange in the United States, 42% of the top 50 universities in the world offer at least one course on a theme related to crypto currency or block technology.

The report says that students from a number of specialties are interested in the courses of the digital currency and the blockchain, and that courses are added to various university departments.

David Yermack, chairman of the finance department at the NYU Stern Business School, said in his report that when they first opened the block chain course in 2014, only 35 students enrolled. However, by the spring of 2018, their number had risen to 230 students, and the group had to be transferred to the largest audience of the school.

Another professor, quoted in the report, Campbell Harvey from Duke University, explained that his law students often face difficulties in the labor market after graduation from the university. However, for law students studying blockade, this is a completely different story. “They do not even have to look for anything. People simply ask them to join their firms“, said Professor Harvey.

In the ranking compiled by Coinbase, Stanford University topped the list with 10 courses on cryptocurrencies and a block chain. Most of the universities in the rating are in the US. The exception was the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the National University of Singapore.

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