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The global Internet is getting closer


SpaceX, whose CEO is Ilon Musk, ready for the first satellite launch this week as part of the global Internet project, which aims to provide global Internet coverage from space. The entrepreneur showed on Twitter photos of 60 vehicles inside the rocket Falcon 9, which will bring the spacecraft into orbit.

It is reported that for the implementation of the project, Musk plans to launch 12,000 satellites into space that will be in low-Earth orbit and provide an uninterrupted internet connection.

The Federal Communications Commission has already granted SpaceX permission to launch two satellite groups for the Starlink project. The first launch is scheduled for May 15 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“SpaceX” President and chief operating officer Gwynn Shotwell said that the company would be able to conduct this year’s 2 to 6 space missions depending on how the first flight goes.

SpaceX is not the first company seeking to launch large clusters of satellites into space to provide global Internet coverage. OneWeb, Telesat, LeoSat, and now Amazon are also working on a similar project that will provide an Internet connection with a low earth orbit. However, now SpaceX is ready to take a leading position in the race to provide the Internet from space, although it seems that for future missions the company still needs additional equipment upgrades.

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