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The investment platform Atlas Quantum was hacked

The popular Brazilian investment platform Atlas Quantum, which specializes in crypto-currency trading, has suffered from the actions of hackers. As a result of hacking the system, there was a leak of personal data of more than 264 000 users.

According to the information from the Have IBeen Pwned portal, the criminals obtained the names of the company’s customers, contact details and account information. Despite this, representatives of Atlas Quantum claim that the user’s funds in security were not stolen.

Atlas Quantum

The first about hacking reported Youtube channel “Digital Investments“. The leaked data show that there are 5813 BTC on the platform, which is approximately $ 39 million.

On its Facebook page, the company confirmed the hacking, published a statement that it will begin investigating the incident in conjunction with government agencies. The message from Atlas Quantum says:

We would like to note that at the time of hacking, there was no theft of funds or the violation of our accounts on stock exchanges. However, the client base was exposed. During the incident, we took all measures to protect the database, and passwords and secret keys were encrypted.

By the way, in Atlas Brazil is not the most brilliant reputation. The company’s main product allows users to easily invest in crypto currencies and earn with the help of a bot that performs arbitrage operations with currency. According to information from the site, an investment of $ 1000 will bring 2% of profit in just 15 days and 43% per year. However, high promised interest rates and low risk levels suggest that the company is the next pyramid scheme.

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