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The largest crypto-exchange is launching its own social network

On September 26, Huobi, the world’s largest crypto currency exchange by trading volume, released a beta version of Huobi Chat, which will become a new platform for the social network. More than 1,200 users have already been invited and the company hopes that the new platform will grow to a full-scale cryptosocial network that will help to tune the relationship between investors, development teams and consumers.

Huobi Chat

The platform offers its customers many functions, which makes the platform even more attractive. In addition to standard functions, they include the ability to create subgroups of the main channels, follow the news of the crypto-currency market, and in the future, the introduction of Huobi Chat Token (HCT) own token. Users will receive coins for new invited users and support for the service. In addition, Huobi plans to integrate crypto-currency payments and the ability to exchange tokens into the platform.

Huobi Chat will also provide a set of tools for developers based on the Open SDK, which will allow them to develop and promote their own decentralized applications.

We are striving to achieve free communication, safe transactions, fair incentives and communication in the whole system and the interconnection of digital assets in the society, says Huobi Chat website.

The company also hopes that the security and reward system of the new platform will help it gain recognition from users. At the crypto-exchange, with a trade volume of hundreds of millions of dollars, there really can be enough customers who want to take advantage of the opportunities of communication on a secure network.

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