The public pillar has returned to China: four people marched with identities and anti-pollution lawsuits. Controversy – Video

Four people accused of human trafficking have been pushed into a public pillar in the south China. The video of the accused being taken away by the authorities, dressed in lethal attire, went viral in the country and sparked controversy. According to the BBC, the Pillar premiered on Tuesday, December 28 in Jinxi, Guangxi Province. According to some newspapers, Govt-19 has been accused of illegally allowing people to enter the country, which is still “shielded”.

The video, which shows their photos and their names with symbols hanging around the necks of four men, was taken to texts by two agents, which provoked multiple reactions on social and media.

For that Guangxi Daily This type of action acts as a deterrent to crimes committed at the border and is in accordance with the restraining rules mandated by the Govt. At the border, officials say the epidemic situation is “serious and complex.” Completely different opinion Beijing News, According to Billary “seriously violates the spirit of the law and can no longer be allowed”.

Storm, news has become a trend on social networks like Weibo, and many users have spoken of “going back hundreds of years ago”. However, other users expressed support and sparked controversy.

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