The wife’s brain builds the killer

He said his wife had died of a seizure, but now, almost 12 years later, Diane Stewart Justice is going to be available: her husband, Ian Stewart, has already been sentenced to life in prison for killing his girlfriend and famous writer. Process And for him Assassination. It looks like a movie series or a TV series starring a team of forensic pathologists. Yet it is all true.

London, The victim’s brain “speaks”

The truth about Diane’s last moments of life is always hidden in the tissues of her brain, which she decided to donate for research. Now scientists have proved that Diane did not die of natural causes, but of suffocation, “driven by external force.”

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It all started in 2012 when Ian Stewart met children’s book writer Helen Bailey on a widow dating website. The woman who created the successful character Electra Brown and wrote 5 books that the youngster liked is worth around 4 4 million, while the male has not worked for 16 years. In 2016, they are already living together and planning to get married. However, the woman begins to have various ailments: she complains of fatigue and tiredness, so she searches the web for an answer. From this moment on, since April 2016, his friends have not heard anything about him. The comrade complains to the police that the woman left of her own free will and that Helen was added to the list of missing persons, saying that she “wanted space”. However, Stewart makes the mistake of focusing suspicion on him: he grabs his girlfriend’s cell phone and tries to use the woman’s money. Investigators searched the home and found Helen and her dog’s bodies in the property’s sewer: the woman was repeatedly drugged and killed. “Helen would not have gone anywhere without her dog,” says attorney Stuart Trimmer. To make the theory of volunteer aviation believable, Stewart had to remove him as well. In 2017, a man who pleaded not guilty was sentenced to life in prison, and police decided to reopen the case involving his wife’s death, which took place on 25 June 2010 at his wedding home in Basingburn, Cambridgeshire.

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According to Attorney Trimmer, who brought Stewart back to court, the man deceived the medical staff by citing a health problem the woman had in the past: seizures. As the trial counsel explained, today it is a rare type of death, despite the fact that it affects one in 100 thousand, a study that was able to make the killer credible. “I left the house that day and when I returned I found Dhyana lying in the backyard: she was unconscious. I went inside to get a phone call and called for help,” the man declared. He described the person’s behavior as “abnormal” and said there were different versions of the dynamics of facts from him.

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Shortly after his wife died, the grieving widow immediately bought a sports car and began a new relationship. Evidence joining the findings of the scientists and pathologists involved in the investigation is involved in the task of re-examining the conditions of the victim’s brain tissue. The body was cremated, but, no doubt, the woman decided to donate her brain to science. Thanks to this, the results of the trial today are very different: the report states that Diane’s death was caused “mostly by prolonged restriction of his breathing by external force”. Stewart continues to deny, but obviously science has the last word.

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