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The world’s first blockchain school opens in Paris

The world’s first blockchain school opens in Paris. The founder of the new school is the company Alyra, which thus wants to solve the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel in the block technology industry. It is noteworthy that thanks to the partners of the company, many talented developers who are unable to pay for their own education will be able to study there for free.

In the new school will be available both distance courses and full-time education. It is expected that the first groups of the educational process will begin in January. To pass the competition, future applicants will need to know at least one programming language. The training program itself will consider the development of blockchain technologies, their integration into existing technical systems, as well as the creation of smart contracts.


The legal aspects of applying these technologies will also be explored. The organizers themselves emphasize that the courses require serious investments in terms of time, as they prepare specialists ready for development.

Now we can observe the rapid development of not only blockchain technology, but the entire industry as a whole. The educational infrastructure is also developing. Recall that earlier the German business school Frankfurt School of Finance Management introduced courses in block technologies to get an expert blockchain diploma, and the University of Malta provided 300 thousand euros for scholarships for students studying blockchain.

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