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Token: where and how to buy it?

Tokens are a digital money unit of a particular project or start-up. Issue and placement of tokens occurs when the blockchain-project wants to get funds for the implementation of the idea. Those users who bought the coins, can pay for the goods or the services of this project.

The purchase of tokens is possible in two formats:

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the initial placement of coins. Pre-safe, roughly speaking. It is carried out at the stage of collecting money to start the project.
  • Through the crypto-exchanges. Such an opportunity appears when the completion of the ICO. Tokens in free sale are available to all market participants. The rate determines the level of demand.

Now, let’s take a look at each option and find out, which one is more profitable and safer.

Buying during the ICO

Before buying blockchain-project tokens during the ICO, you should conduct thorough preparation. You need to carefully and thoughtfully analyze the startup, and assess its prospects wisely. If you expect to get good dividends, you need to go deep into the idea of the project. Pay special attention to the developers (organizers). Take your time to find out who they are, what they did before that, and whether they had positive experience of working with cryptocurrencies.

To avoid unnecessary losses, you need to carefully study the viability of the idea itself. Spend your time reading the topical forums and groups, and track the organizers reputation. Do not invest in the idea of those people, whom you are not able to find enough information about.

Algorithm of actions when purchasing tokens in ICO:

    • choose optimal project;
    • visit the official startup portal;
    • open the Join the project tab;
    • choose the appropriate currency;
    • read the license agreement (thoughtfully);
    • enter data on the cryptocurrency wallet;
    • specify the payout address;
    • wait for a while until the transaction is completed;
  • check your account.

Purchasing through the cryptocurrency exchanges

Be sure to analyze the token rate swings or of the other projects. Studying the waves, you will be able to make your purchase the most profitable, avoiding unprofitable investments. A lot of exchanges offer the coins of the most promising startups, so the purchase will not be a problem. However, some tokens are distributed selectively, even exclusively.

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