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TRON intends to combine the BitTorrent and the blockchain in one project

TRON aims to combine the blockchain technology and the torrent portal as part of its new project, Project Atlas, which will combine blockchain technology with the massive peer-to-peer structure of BitTorrent.

TRON acquired BitTorrent, which has about 100 million active users per month, in July 2018. BitTorrent is an established peer-to-peer network with a developed and proven infrastructure, but only with time will it become clear how fruitful this collaboration will be.

This is an intriguing move, but what does this mean?

Torrent file sharing has always been a popular way to share information on the Internet, with about 27 million people using it to download files every day.

Project Atlas is an attempt to fuse two spaces in order to improve file interaction. The goal is to improve the way BitTorrent works by implementing blockchain technology. BitTorrent already has a reward system to encourage users to share more files, but TRON hopes to use its own tokens for this.

The system will use tokens to encourage users who upload large files and use faster nodes, as well as those who allocate more bandwidth and storage. Thus, they hope to increase download speed and make file sharing more smooth and enjoyable.

The project can promote more responsible use of torrents and improve user experience. On the other hand, it was difficult for a torrent to get rid of its shadow reputation, and turning it around could be a problem.

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