Ukraine blames Russia for recent cyber attack: “We have evidence”. Kremlin spokesman: “Tensions at the border”

In between again tension arises Russia e Ukraine, After a cyber attack on several corporate sites Kiev Two days ago. Today the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation reveals that “all evidence indicates that Russia is behind the cyber attack.” “Moscow – they add to the publication – continues to run one Mixed war“Against Ukraine” has been going on since 2014.

Not just troops E It has been concentrated on the eastern border of the country and has caused fear for months Kiev And international allies are new Military invasion, In the ways of Crimea Of 2014. Now the country Vladimir Putin, According to the Ukrainian version, attempts to undermine the president’s garden Volodymyr Zhelensky And through the use of cyber attacks. Russia’s “target” is not just threatening society. It is destabilizing the situation in Ukraine by suspending public sector work and undermining citizens’ confidence in the authorities, ”the ministry urged Ukrainians not to panic. All personal data is protected With reliability in state records.

In the meantime, from Kremlin Sober news is coming, at least on the military front. Speaker Dmitry Peskov In an interview Cnn In fact, he acknowledged that tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine were “very high.”Very dangerous The condition of our continent. There is a lot of tension on the border, there is a lot of tension in this part of Europe, ”he added. That is why he continued, “We insist on getting a direct response to our concerns, a very specific response to our very specific projects”. A. after fruitless talk in recent days Geneva, Brussels e Vienna, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov In fact it has been postponed until next week United States e Then It must respond to requests for guarantees from Moscow, beginning with a commitment not to expand the alliance that includes Ukraine.

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In the interview, Peskov denied allegations of Russian military expansion or an attack on Ukraine. “You see this is not happening – this is the first thing. Russia has already been sent into operation in Ukraine and, according to it “Destroyers” To create an excuse for an accident and occupy the eastern part of the country. “You know, we live in a world of false accusations Fake news And in the world of lies. And we will continue to consider it a hoax or a false accusation until it is proved in some way, by something visible or understandable.

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