Ukraine crisis backs G Putin: “No NATO expansion in the East”

At the high cost of energy, van der Leyen openly criticized the “credibility of Gasprom”. ும் Faced with rising demand and rising prices – he announced – other gas suppliers have significantly increased their supplies, but not Gazprom. The Russian state-owned company is raising doubts about its credibility.

Erdogan: The West will not help reduce expansion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has re-intervened in the crisis, accusing Western nations of “making things worse” between Moscow and Kiev. “I say this openly, unfortunately the West has not helped resolve the conflict so far. They have made matters worse,” Erdogan told CNN’s Turkish channel on his return flight from Kiev.

2,000 American soldiers left for Eastern Europe

In the meantime, I know that about two thousand American soldiers stationed in Eastern Europe today departed from the Fort Brock base in North Carolina amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Two days ago, it was reported that 1,700 soldiers from the 82nd Air Force would be stationed in Poland, while another 300 from the 18th Air Force would be sent to Germany. US President Joe Biden has announced that a total of 3,000 soldiers will leave for Europe.

US accuses Moscow: plans to invade on a pretext

The tension is high. In the past few hours, the United States has received information about Moscow’s plan to invade Ukraine by “excuse.” The news, which first appeared in the country’s major newspapers, was confirmed by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby and immediately dismissed by the Kremlin.

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