Ukraine, London: “Moscow men are already in the country”. EU: “Ready for massive sanctions”. United States: “We will attack the export of raw materials”

With forces E Is always ready to re-occupy territory that is still at hand Kiev, Strict retaliation will be given today Brussels, With the Chairman of the Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, Speaking of “maximum support” if the security situation deteriorates: “Significant exchange with allies and allies about the situation in Ukraine tonight – he wrote in a tweet after the video conference in which they participated. பிடன், Tracy e Stoltenberg – We share the rating We are preparing for all events If diplomacy fails. Obstacles And in the event of Russian occupation e Support for Ukraine“. And when the Minister of Defense from Kiev Alexei Resnikov Currently no one says no The real threat of invasion Under Secretary of Defense for Russia and Britain James Hippie, Argues, “a significant number of individuals are believed to be involved in advanced Russian military operations I am currently in Ukraine“.

In case of invasion, from Brussels e Washington Indicate readiness to impose Strict penalties Against Moscow. “There is a strong solidarity between the member states and our international partners – with the determination to be ready – explained the EU Commission spokesman – and the work is very advanced. Strong prevention and strong measures If the conversation fails. If it initiates future violations of Ukrainian regional sovereignty or occupation, we will respond very strongly, with strong political consequences and massive economic costs being imposed on the occupier. ” They also informed the Biden administration that they would be attacked above all else Export of raw materials, With approximate calculated damage to Moscow $ 50 billion.

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However, according to Resniko, this time “Dangerous scenes, Possible in terms of probability in the future, but to date There is no such threat. To date, the Russian Armed Forces have not formed offensive units, indicating that they are ready for attack tomorrow. There is still time for diplomacy, so the next attempt will be made by the French president Emmanuel Macron, Considering that France is the current head of the EU he will meet “by the weekend” Vladimir PutinAs the Kremlin spokesman put it, Dmitry PeskovAfter yesterday, the Elysee leader said he would like to present a series of plans to Moscow and Kiev. Meanwhile, Russia began Exercises with tanks in the Crimea, The Navy announced Black Sea.

A BrusselsHowever, most diplomatic words are not used: we take the path of dialogue, but with determination. “Leaders shared a gravitational pull of the situation. They like it The success of diplomacy, But they’re getting ready for all the events “, reads a note after the meeting attended by Biden and Macron. Scholes, Draghi, President of Poland Andrzej Duda, Boris Johnson, President of the Council of Europe Charles Michael And NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. “President Van der Leyen reaffirmed the strong support of the European Union for Ukraine. ஆதரவு 1.2 billion new support package நிதி 120 million as emergency financial assistance package and additional grant. The Commission and the SEA work extensively Departmental and personal barriers If Russia launches further military aggression against Ukraine. ”

So the strategy Prevention, And underlined White HouseThe leaders also discussed joint efforts to further promote Russian aggression against Ukraine, including preparations to impose massive repercussions on Russia, as well as severe economic costs and the strengthening of security in NATO’s east. The president has made a video call with European leaders. They reiterated their concern over the strengthening of Russian military forces on the border with Ukraine and expressed their support for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The tax, confirmed by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Prime Minister with the EU Affairs Committee; Enzo Amendola: “Russia’s expansion of Ukraine’s borders is one The challenge to the security of every European. The European Union is united in its support for Ukrainian sovereignty. Dialogue and negotiation are always possible, but to be prepared with allies for a sufficiently common response, diplomacy is not enough.

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