Ukraine sends a small team to the London border for training –


The UK will also supply anti-tank missiles to Kiev after Russia mobilizes 100,000 troops.

Britain is supplying short-range anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in self-defense after Russia deployed about 100,000 troops on its border. London Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said during a hearing in ParliamentA small contingent of British troops will also be sent to Ukraine for training. Wallace explained there Reasonable and genuine reason for concern Russian troops could be used for an invasion. Russia denies any plans for aggression and accuses the West of aggression.
Dozens of British soldiers have been helping to train the army and the UK in Ukraine since 2015
He promised to rebuild the Ukrainian navy following the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014. But Wallace said the UK would provide additional security assistance in light of Russia’s increasingly threatening behavior.

The first batch of anti-armor small arms was shipped yesterday, although the Secretary of Defense did not specify the type. He told parliamentarians that Ukraine has every right to defend its borders and that this new aid package further strengthens its capabilities. Let me be clear: this support is clearly about defensive short-range weapons; They are not strategic weapons and are not a threat to Russia; They should be used for self-defense. Wallace said he was ready to launch a package of international sanctions if Russia took any destabilizing action in Ukraine. The Secretary of Defense said any invasion would be seen as an aggression and would lead to massive casualties on all sides.

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January 18, 2022 (January 18, 2022 change | 02:36)

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