Ukraine sends ships and planes to NATO Eastern Europe. Johnson: Russia is ready for an explosion

London withdraws ambassadors

London has announced the withdrawal of its staff from the Kiev embassy due to Russia’s “growing threat” to Ukraine. The Foreign Office announced the move just hours after the US ordered the expulsion of relatives of US diplomats from Ukraine, and the British embassy remained open to deal with “essential matters”. “Some embassy staff and their families are fleeing Kiev in response to the growing threat from Russia,” the statement said.

Expressions of Great Britain

On Saturday, the British Foreign Office named several Ukrainian politicians linked to Russian intelligence. Muraev is the leader of a small party that has no place in the Ukrainian parliament. The UK government put forward this hypothesis without providing any evidence based on the intelligence assessment. This is back and forth amid intense tensions between Moscow and the West over Russia’s plans for Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

Tensions between Moscow and Kiev

Ukraine is determined to destabilize the country “will continue its policy of eliminating any pro-Russian oligarchy and political structure.” After the British accusations about the Moscow plan to establish a friendly government with full-scale “invasion and occupation”, Kiev promises to prevent the rise of “occupier” members and pressure groups. The Foreign Office has condemned the coup, saying it was “anxiously welcomed” by the United States, who would return with “European allies” threatening a “tough response” and “even another member of the Russian forces” crossing the border “aggressively”. He immediately saw Moscow’s angry response, calling on London to “stop spreading nonsense” and “put an end to these provocative acts.”

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EU: We are preparing sanctions but will not announce them immediately

“We want to work in close coordination with our allies on sanctions: the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. There is a process, the process is going on, everything will be ready when needed, but today we will not announce anything, ”he added.

Van der Leyen, “New EU financial aid to Ukraine”

Ukraine is a “free and sovereign country” that “makes its own choices”. And the EU “stands with Ukraine”. Ursula van der Leyenn, President of the European Commission, announced a relief package for Kiev in Brussels. The union and its financial institutions have “allocated more than $ 17 billion in transfers and loans to the country since 2014 – he continues.”

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