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US presidential candidate ready to seriously engage in cryptocurrency market


US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Andrew Young, presented his position on the issue of regulating the cryptocurrency industry. The presidential candidate believes that the United States needs clear guidelines on digital assets that will allow businesses and individual entrepreneurs to work freely and invest in this area.

Therefore, if Young wins the next presidential election of 2020, he intends to promote innovation and economic growth, creating a favorable infrastructure for the introduction of digital assets.

Donald John Trump
Donald John Trump

In his opinion, both citizens and enterprises should be able to invest in cryptocurrency without fear of any negative influences from the law.

The presidential candidate believes that the main problem that needs to be solved is uncertainty and confusion in the current US legislation regarding cryptocurrency.

Young believes that the US should achieve much greater success in the cryptosphere if they are going to compete with the countries of Europe and China. He also calls himself a fan of blockchain technology. In addition, Andrew Young is a supporter of a universal basic income of $ 1,000 per month for US citizens over 18 years old.

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