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Coin Bible, copy of Harper’s Weekly, 1865, cover photo of mourner at Abraham Lincoln Cemetery, a Confederation flag and a mini bullet used during the Civil War. The time capsule found beneath the now-removed statue of Southern General Robert Lee has been unveiled.
Although the much-searched photo of Lincoln’s coffin is not available, historians and rescuers speak of a rare treasure. The rectangular copper box opening ceremony aired online and attracted thousands of people, only to be disappointed with the opening of the first box found last week, from which only a book and a photo of a marble worker working in granite. Pedestal. The meager discovery of the second capsule under the statue of Lee, which was removed from Richmond, the capital of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, sparked hope and anticipation.
The fall of the imposed monument was the culmination of the American war against the symbols of slavery and racism. Built in 1890, it overlooks Monument Avenue in Richmond, honoring the Confederates’ heroes. JEB stands last September after the busts of Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and Matthew Fontaine Maury were removed in the wake of the anti-apartheid protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.
The contents of the precious box were carefully extracted: the time capsule actually sank, but the contents inside it avoided getting worse. “They were in much better condition than we expected. We thought everything was wet, but it wasn’t,” says renovator Kate Ridgeway, noting how the first box was abandoned by those involved in the massive construction and installation. Monument weighing 12 tons.
Now the returnees, the best way to recover the monuments and documents, is to check if they have hidden any secrets.

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