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Useful riddles or how to make $50,000 in bitcoins

One of the most complicated online riddles, which was created in 2015 by @coin_artist and Mayers, was solved by a 30-years-old programmer who chose to remain anonymous.

He has deciphered this puzzle, the answer to which was hidden in the binary code.  The code was buried between the strips and flames in the picture that depicted a dove and a phoenix.

картина с заштфрованным кодом к биткоин кошельку

It turned out that this combination of code was an encrypted address of the Bitcoin wallet which contained 4.87 BTC. Given the current price of Bitcoin, it amounted to $50,000.

The puzzle itself became legendary on the Web. One of the communities on Bitcointalk discussed the possible solutions for several months. However, even the most inquisitive minds couldn′t find the key to this mysterious puzzle. The code was deciphered only on December 1, 2017, and the money went to the Bitcoin wallet of the lucky programmer.

However, it is not safe to hold cryptocurrency in the country where the programmer, who goes by the nickname 1FLAMEN6 lives. We would like to remind you that cryptocurrency is banned in some Islamic countries.

Motherboard managed to take a short interview with 1FLAMEN6 in which he has disclosed the secret of the crypto picture,

the binary code as hidden under the symbols in the flames. They were located at the edges of the canvas. The shape and the color of the pieces complement each other and form a chain. The solution to that riddle was the address of a Bitcoin wallet that was coded using Java and contained 0′s and 1′s

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