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Venezuela has imposed strict rules on the use of national cryptocurrency


Last week, the National Board of Cryptocurrency Assets and Related Activities of Venezuela, released a set of new regulatory standards that are aimed at monitoring cryptocurrency transactions.

According to the new rules, the sender is obliged to pay a commission in the amount of 15% of the total amount of the monetary transaction. The minimum commission is € 0.25 for one transfer.

Also, the regulator has the right to set a limit on the amount of payment, cryptocurrency prices in sovereign bolivars, the size of tariffs and receive information from initiators and recipients of transactions.

The monthly limit is equivalent to 10 Petro tokens (about $ 600), which are the national digital currency of Venezuela. It is possible to raise the limit to 50 PTR by sending a special request to the regulator.

Most of the inhabitants of the country reacted negatively to the new rules. They believe that such innovations severely limit the development of the cryptosphere. Citizens are outraged not only by the introduction of a limit on transactions in cryptocurrencies, but also by the need to register. By law, all miners must register with Sunacrip. Otherwise they will lose their equipment and will have to pay a fine of $ 18,000.

Recall, on January 23, major anti-government actions began in Venezuela. Parliament speaker Juan Guaido proclaimed himself interim president. He was supported by the United States and several other countries in the region and the world. On January 31, the European Parliament recognized Guaido as the legitimate provisional president of Venezuela.

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