Video of the dictator who worries North Korea – Libero Quoditiano

Kim Jong Un During the last public appearance Unrecognizable. In fact, the dictator was so skinny that he doubted it was really him, who released this video. Republic. Despite constant rumors about his health, the North Korean leader would have been fine, in fact he would have lost at least twenty kilos. Seoul intelligence has returned to reveal Kim Jong Un’s rapid weight loss during a routine parliamentary hearing behind closed doors.

The Pyongyang leader also denied rumors that the leaders may have used double standards in recent public appearances. National Intelligence Service (NIS) said in a statement Yonhop, The leader had reached a maximum weight of 140 pounds before losing weight and the weight loss was visible as early as June.

After all, Kim Jong Un’s health has been subject to more or less credible news for years and, above all, speculation about the political consequences for North Korea if he dies. In fact, there are currently no heirs who can take his place.

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