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Walmart creates an army of robots for delivery based on blockchain

According to the documents that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published this Thursday, Walmart plans to create a group of autonomous robots, which will be monitored with the help of a network blockchain. A system that is referred to as an “A system for in-field authentication of autonomous electronic devices“ will use “blockchain keys“ for authentication, the data of which will be taken from the distributed database of blocks.

Despite the similarity of the project to the idea of ​​Skynet from Terminator franchise, the American retail giant wants to use its robot army to deliver goods to customers, in an attempt to compete effectively with Amazon. The draft patent describes in detail the process in which stand-alone robots deliver goods using wireless communication signals and identifying each other.

According to developers, such a system is vulnerable to hacking, which is the main reason why Walmart uses distributed registration technology to ensure security against such incidents.

Recall, this is not the first development of the company in the field of blockchain technologies. Last year, the company applied a patent system that would use the DLT to manage the delivery of goods. The system automatically reserves space for the goods, so that during the delivery there is no overload.

Around the same time, Walmart filed a patent application that uses blockchain technology to track drones in the process of delivering packages from physical stores to customers.

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