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One year after the attack on Congress, 57 heroes of that drama day are already candidates or are about to do so. And convicts will be released from prison pending trial twice as often as ordinary defendants. And the chances of getting punished more than 4 times are low

What happened to the heroes of that dramatic January 6, a year after the attack on Congress that threatened to stop the democratic transfer of American power? In these 12 months, the perception of what has happened among conservatives has not only changed (but also changed).Today 34% of Americans justify political violence), But the story of the day also changed in the right-wing media: The attackers – who were initially turned into criminals by networks such as Fox – were turned into victims of judicial repression by the Biden courts. (Actually made up of judges appointed by Republican leaders). So far it is not surprising that only Conan Shaman and those who confessed to violently assaulting police have been convicted.
Some denounced (and lightly) and many candidates: Many are using the Congress march as an election swing. I At least 57 heroes of that drama day Those who have already run for political office in 2021 or are set to do so this year Politico.com survey. Many of them are candidates for state parliaments, but 24 are running for the Washington Congress and 5 governors, from Ryan Kelly in Michigan to Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania.

A year later, after investigating the biggest criminal incident in American history, it appears Justice struggles to follow its course: Many of the Jan. 6 defendants are being held in gloves to see the results of the investigation conducted by Slate. The American Journal analyzed the cases of 733 people arrested for attacking the Capitol, passing through publicly available databases and hundreds of personal files. Clear trend: Defendants in the January 6 events were sent home at a much higher rate than other prison inmates pending trial In 2019 (85% vs. 42%) In other words: Defendants have until January 6th Twice as many ordinary defendants can be acquitted and four times less likely to be convicted. Not only that: the sentences handed down were lighter than the punishments required for generally convicted offenders.

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What do we know about criminals?

Of the 733 people arrested, 702 were indicted in federal district court and 31 in high court, which usually handles less serious cases. Of these 31 lower-level defendants, six were women, 24 were men, and one was a transgender, who was originally charged with possession of an illegal firearm. Of these, 14 were released on bail pending trial. Among them were the mother and daughter influencers of Oregon Christina and one of Trump’s lawyers who argued for the dismissal of Yevgenia Malimon.
Of the 702 defendants in the district court, at least 99 have pleaded guilty and are awaiting trial. 72 defendants have pleaded guilty and have already been convicted. Two were killed, two escaped, and one did not resist. The remaining 526 are innocent.

How many convicts are in prison?

Very few. Eighty-five percent of the defendants in the district court were acquitted and only 15 percent had to wait for trial in prison. It is eye-catching when compared to the special treatment percentages allocated to Capitol attackers: in 2019, only 42% of federal defendants were released from prison until the trial date or trial date, and 58 were forced to wait for trial in prison. .

Reasons for this special treatment

There are many credible explanations for this phenomenon. Only 30 percent of those arrested on Jan. 6 had a criminal record. Political analyst Robert Babe points out that 73% of those convicted of federal crimes are against. Further Defendants in January 6 cases are more likely to be white than those in a typical federal criminal case.. According to Pape’s first estimate, 95% of the January 6 defendants were anti-white
52% in the United States in 2018. Studies show that the criminal justice system is riddled with prejudices that can lead to staggering ethnic differences.
Finally, Jan. 6 Defendants appear to have more evidence than the average criminal defendant, and hiring top private attorneys is four times more likely than being taken by the average defendant..

What do we know about those accused of assaulting police?

A relatively small number of those accused of assaulting officials have been linked to far-right groups or have had problems with the law in the past.

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What happened to those who pleaded guilty?

Of the more than 170 defendants who pleaded guilty, at least 70 have already been convicted. 44% of them will be jailed for 14 days to 5 years. A further 25 per cent will receive a different sentence in prison and the rest in probation. Many defendants received lesser sentences than the attorney requested. Starting with the QAnon shaman, Jacob Chansley: 51 instead of 41 months.

How many more are being detained?

76 defendants are still in jail on charges of violently assaulting police officers. Many of them have criminal records. Some have been accused of assaulting former Capitol police officer Michael Fanon. Timothy Desjardins allegedly assaulted officers with a table kick. Andrew Quentin Tag, who allegedly beat officers with a metal whip. The lawsuit was probably funded by Bumble Dating after she allegedly boasted about having an affair with a woman. Michael J. Lopatik Sr. is a former Marine: By attacking officers, he prevented first aid for those who stepped on the insurgency and later died. Some of those arrested belonged to extremist groups such as the Broad Boys e gli Pledge Guardians.

Did the defendants violate the conditions for release?

Eight people currently detained have been released on bail before being sent back to jail for various reasons. Among them was Pauline Boyer, one of two female prisoners involved in the revolt against Capitol. On January 6 the other two defendants, initially released and later re-imprisoned, were charged by Broad Boy senior leaders with organizing the initial violence, which captured the crowd.

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Some of the most famous attackers are undercover

This attack is unprecedented because the rebels documented their every move, allowing the world to see their actions in real time. The most important of the rioters of the day, were later released Robert Keith Packer, wearing the Camp Auschwitz shirt During the rebellion, e Kevin Seafried, Photographed carrying the Confederate flag. And the father, James Rahm Jr., bragged about urinating in the office of spokesman Nancy Pelosi, and my son has the video. Even among them Chicago Police Officer Carol Sweezyuk The department was wearing a sweatshirt during the attack.

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