What is Pope Francis’ “Number One” Enemy?

I know Pope Francisco He has an opponent, he wants to unravel, it is definitely “chat”, which, according to him, lives not only in Roman Curia, but in all other ecclesiastical circles in general.

For many years, George Mario Percoglio has been thundering against attitudes that he believes should be excluded from the life and customs of the Catholic Church. One last chance to reaffirm all hatred of Francesco. “Chat“There were spectators at the public chapter of the Theatine Clerics Regular. On that occasion, the pope defined this problem within the Church as the” greatest plague. “

Already two years ago, in September 2020, Perkoglio had warned about how “fights” and “contradictions” derive from “chat”. So the pastoral care has been going on since the current Bishop of Rome sat on the throne of Peter or almost in this matter. One more thing to say: During the Archbishop of Paris Michael Abbott Following rumors that he was having an affair with a woman, he was “discharged” by the Holy Father, who said that the first Jesuit pope had set him aside for a “chat” surrounding the story. In short, for Francesco, gossip is a paradigm shift. One theme that connects him to his predecessor in this sense is his predecessor Benedict XVI, who already in 2010, with some disagreement, talked about how Jesus goes with believers.Towards courage that does not allow itself to be intimidated by the murmurs of dominant ideas“.

These days, inAt the court hearing Quoted, leadmodif modified: “Siblings – The Pope of Argentina shouts out the coffin and withdraws itAdnkronosIn a religious church, in a religious community, when the monks do not care for each other, the biggest plague that actually occurs when the conversation begins. Be holy men, men of the gospel, but men“. It is still: “If you have something against another … you have to have pants on his face to say things or be quiet. Please do not chat.

Francis often associates the existence of “chat” with the existence of theoretical animosities. So to create currents inside Vatican They have nothing to do with the unity and inseparable commandments of the Church that Percoglio has repeatedly repeated for nearly nine years. The knock-out foot against this problem – the real existentialist opponent of Francis’ Church – may be the well-known reform of the Apostolic Constitution, which, according to the sovereign pope’s approach, must change something in terms of structures, weights, and so on. Interiors of the Holy See. But traces of reform seem to have disappeared.

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