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Where and how you can store cryptocurrency?

A reliable wallet for cryptocurrency is a must for everyone who plans to conduct operations with digital coins.

Regardless of whether you want to exchange dollars to bitcoins or trade on the exchange, keeping funds is the important part of all processes.

Digital currency has no physical expression, but it can be stolen or lost as well as conventional money units. Today there are more than 2000 kinds of cryptocurrencies in free circulation. To perform simultaneous operations with several types of cryptocurrency, you need:

Create separate wallets for each of them;

Use multicurrency storage services.

A universal wallet is much more convenient and functional. It provides us with an opportunity to manipulate digital money without any fuss and unnecessary difficulties. A lot of storages are trying to draw users’ attention differing in security parameters, a set of available tools and a commission for services. Here are their main types:

Online wallet;

Local storage on PC;

Service in the cryptocurrency exchange account.

The last variant is the least trustworthy, because it is not designed for long term storage of large amounts of coins. It should be used exclusively for trading and operations directly on the exchange.

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