Who crossed the South Korean border to enter North Korea?

The man who came last Saturday Had entered North Korean citizen who fled to South Korea in 2020 past the border that illegally separates the country from South Korea. The person has not been identified for two days. Nothing is known about him. At this time, we do not know the reasons for his return to his country and, moreover, he will be punished for his flight, but it is known that he lived in great economic hardship in South Korea.

Crossing the border from South Korea to North Korea is a rare occurrence because illegal shortcuts to escape North Korean rule and take refuge in democratic South Korea usually take place in the opposite direction. South Korean officials said Saturday at 9 p.m., in the “militarized zone” (DMZ), the territory that divides the Korean Peninsula is patrolled by troops on both sides, as well as mines and surrounded by name. By barbed wire.

Crossing the “militarized zone” is illegal in both directions, and it is very dangerous: many who usually leave North Korea and reach South Korea do so by moving elsewhere, for example from China. About 30,000 North Koreans currently live in South Korea, and only about thirty have returned to North Korea in the past decade.

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An official from the South Korean Defense Ministry on Monday he said The unnamed man, a North Korean citizen in his early thirties who fled in November 2020, is on his way to the “militarized zone”. The man was identified by comparing the video recordings of the Border Gods of the day with the recordings of last Saturday. Subsequent reconstructions revealed that the man who worked as a cleaner in South Korea had significant economic problems.

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In South Korea, the episode revived old debates about the living conditions of North Korean fugitives. Second Many activists did not find adequate living conditions when they arrived in South Korea, often after risking their lives to leave their country.

Following the release of these details on Monday, the South Korean Ministry of Coordination he said The Korean press reported last June that the man had received economic, medical and social support for the North Korean fugitives from the South Korean government, but that social services and police at the time believed there was no evidence that it was a definitive possibility. Did not express concerns about it.

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